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Little bit of an update

So instead of paying to use Denise Austin's Fit for Life! program I decided to use SELF'S Reach Your Goal program  which is free.
I am using it with Alli,  keeping in mind their fat gram recommendations, and general nutritional guidelines with just a little extra help from SELF.

between the two, I was able to come up with several snacks and meals that meet certain goals. SELF has given me a good general knowledge about balance in meals (as have a few books) and snacks.

I finally actually have been sitting down the night before and planning out what I'll eat the next day, which I think is a big help. If I don't have a plan, that's when screw ups happen! I just plan the general meals, make sure I have some healthy snack options on hand at all times, and leave myself about 300 cals or more of wiggle room.

Also, I've begun using my account on and if anyone wants to be friends on there that isn't already my name is KissMeKate517. Whoever mentioned that site on here first is a Godsend: I owe you my firstborn!  For those of you who haven't checked it out yet it's a really nifty little site that offers nutritional info on thousands of name-brand and restaurant items and I guess recently they started awarding "patches" for each little accomplishment you make...logging your first exercise activity, logging in to the site 3 days in a row, etc. which is kind of neat!

And although I found getting the newsletter daily from a bit annoying since it would clog up my inbox,  I have been trying to check it out routinely because I just love the writer's sense of humor and they do often have great suggestions.

Anyway, Just started back on Alli pills the day before yesterday. Haven't had any TE's except some mild gas with no oil (thank goodness) I've been a really good girl and I just really hope I can keep it up! tomorrow's the test! Out to a fancy dinner with my boyfriend and his fraternity to support the new brothers that were just initiated! I think we're going to a Japanese steakhouse which is great and not-so-great at the same time. Maybe I'll just try to stick with sushi so I don't get suckered into fried rice....

but OH how I adore fried rice!...
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