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hey guys...i've been a member of this journal for maybe about a week, and started using the alli program almost 2 weeks ago...and so far I've lost about 3 or 4 pounds! you may be wondering what the title of this entry is referring to..well here it is...

i haven't had any treatment effects until last night / today. i heard from a school mate who used alli that they had no effect on her and they didn't work and blah blah blah...and i was a little scared that because I didn't have a TE, that it wasn't working for me either! soo...yesterday I went a little buck wild and had a salad w/ breaded chicken (and i'm not too sure about the dressing..."oriental vinegarette?") and a couple deep fried pizza rolls at night. by last evening, i was feeling bloated and gassy..then today was when I had my first oil experience in the bathroom.

for those of you deathly afraid of treatment's really not that bad. i haven't had any discharge anyone speaks of..i still feel a little gassy and bloated in my belly..but i'm sure i'll get over it.

here's a question though, to you experienced users. i know i shouldn't want to do this, but tonight i'm going out to dinner--and it's cheap appetizer night at Applebee's (my boyfriend works there and I visit him almost everytime he works)... i'm low on money, and have 5 bucks to get an appetizer, but none of them seem low fat. if i skipped taking the pill this evening, do you think i'd get as horrible of a treatment effect as i would if i took it?...just wondering. i've tried their weight watchers items and have only liked 1 out of 3 that i've tried so i'm in quite the predicament!

anyway, have a nice week ladies (and gentlemen?)


(oh here are some of my stats)

From: Pittsburgh
Height: 5'10
Starting Weight: 190
Current Weight: 187
Goal Weight: 150-160

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